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Establishment of a Modern National Science Centre

Establishment of a Modern National Science Centre

The proposal is made by the Science, Technology and Research Ministry to construct a National Science Centre according to international standards, at a cost of LKR 2,550 million, in the provided land in the Technological City in Mahenawatta, Pitipana, Homagama. The objective of the project is to provide visitors of all ages to understand and appreciate scientific principles and their origins, the evolution of scientific thought and the bases for the laws of science. And screen films, conduct lectures, and provide state-of-the-art facilities for seminars and workshops throughout the year. The facility will include 10,000 sq. metres for building – galleries (6,000 sq.m), movie theatre, lecture theatre, conference rooms. Surrounding space will be allocated for spice and horticultural gardens; butterfly garden; working windmill; models of dams and waterfalls. International advisors and consultants may be required during the early stages with training and exposure, the National Science Centre is expected to be wholly managed as a public-private partnership. Interested parties could obtain further information from

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LOCATION : Colombo - 3 hectares (30, 000 sq.m)
SECTOR : Science and Technology
INVESTMENT TYPE : Public Private Partnership

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