Sri Lankan government to focus on new generation of young professionals to boost public and private sectors

Sri Lankan government to focus on new generation of young professionals to boost public and private sectors

The government of Sri Lanka is reportedly looking at infusing new generation young professionals into the senior public bureaucratic segment with the aim of accelerating rural and urban development activities.
A senior public officials has told the Business Times that the country’s second tier public bureaucratic workforce needs a fresh impetus to continue the government’s development activities, carry out efficient service for the people, and engage in effective policy formulation activities; expeditiously.
The report also notes that the second tier public sector officials who would soon take up the key responsibilities as heads of ministries and public institutions – with many incumbents due to retire soon – were lagging behind their present superiors in competency, communication skills and decision-making ability as well as knowledge in administrative procedures, an in-house official survey revealed.
Without a pipeline of young talent, the government risks falling behind in an increasingly digital world, a top level human resource survey report has reportedly highlighted.
The government should immediately appoint a new generation of young professionals both in the public and private sectors for filling gaps and supplementing the career based bureaucracy in the public sector, several senior government officials have told the Business Times.
A competency framework has been developed by the National Human Resources Development Council of Sri Lanka to be used for the public sector to define the skills, behaviours and attitudes that officers need to perform in their roles effectively, the Business Times report notes.
The main objective of the framework is to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and the quality of public sector delivery.

OSL take:

The commitment by the Sri Lankan government to engage young professionals to boost the country’s public and private sectors would result in the overall improvement of the efficiency and productivity of the work force. This would create an environment that is highly conducive for business.

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