Value added rubber industry in Sri Lanka for export

Value added rubber industry in Sri Lanka for export

Investment opportunity: setting up a factory to produce tyres, tubes, rubber based motor spare parts and rubber based toy products for export purpose.

The market in focus for the project is Pakistan under the Free Trade Agreement with Sri Lanka.

Location of the proposed production facility: the proposed factory is to be located within the Hambantota Port to speed up the export process.

Method of investment: foreign direct investment/joint venture between local and overseas parties

Commencement date: investor could start on project ASAP with BOI approval.

Tax concessions applicable: board of investment concessions/duty free facilities for the importation of equipment, materials etc.

OSL Take:

The investor-friendly policies introduced by the unity government and the FTA’s drawn recently with Sri Lanka’s Asian allies are encouraging investors from world over, and the manufacturing sectors of the island could look for rapid growth in the next few years.

Potential overseas and local parties should contact the biz-friendly OSL Team ASAP for more details on the investment proposed.

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