List of projects proposed in the Western Region Megapolis Masterplan

List of projects proposed in the Western Region Megapolis Masterplan

The USD 44 billion Western Region Megapolis Masterplan aimed at transforming Colombo to an Asian economic power hub invites overseas investors to come in and register with OSL to get early bird advantages in the bidding.

The opportunities are covering 13 main sectors and the total value on offer is around USD 62,800 million.

  • Power and energy-total number of projects 7- value USD 2545 million
  • Environmental and waste management number of projects 9– value USD 1595 million
  • Housing, townships and relocation of admin. offices-total number of projects 13- value USD 20,000 million
  • Port/airport and logistics -total number of projects 23- value USD 4800 million
  • Science and technology city-total number of projects 5- value USD 510 million
  • Eco-habit and plantation city -total number of projects 4-USD 3725 million
  • Tranquility, spiritual development facilitation- total number of projects14-USD 68 million
  • Tourism -total number of projects 9-USD 51 million
  • High rise -total number of projects 2- USD 15,000 million
  • Coastal and marine development -total number of projects 2-USD 28 million
  • Water -total number of projects 18-USD 2800 million
  • Transport -total number of projects 30-USD 12,000 USD million
  • Industries -total number of projects total number of projects 15-USD 330 million

OSL Team is ready to register interested parties to align with bids and more details could be obtained by

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PROJECT VALUE : USD 44 billion

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