Baggage clearing system for BIA

Baggage clearing system for BIA

The Bandaranaike international airport (BIA), the main international gateway that links Sri Lanka to the world and handles over 8.5 million passengers annually.

The boom taking place in the tourism industry has brought a steady increase in the passenger movements.

Accordingly, the need to install a state-of the art baggage screening system which could handle a bigger volume at better speed is now of much importance.

The current global situation is high risk for passengers as well as countries, as smuggling operations, drug trafficking and terrorist activities have increased over the past few months.

The benefits of installing a sophisticated baggage screening system:
• All baggage will be scanned and screened covering customs puposes in addition to security that ensure 100% scanning.
• Provide non-invasive scanning-not visible to passengers causing no inconvenience to passengers.
• Improve efficiency in baggage handling and security compared to the current manual process.
• Enhance customs surveillance and detection-SLC will be able to focus more on targeted baggage.
• As same scanned images will be viewed simultaneously by different people as well as through automated process, risk of misjudgments of images and malpractices will be minimal.

However, considering the requirement of human resources, cost of equipment and maintenance of equipment of this nature, Sri Lanka Customs has proposed to implement the Baggage Scanning and Sorting System as a public private partnership (PPP) project.

OSL Take:

So, OSL proposes this investment to potential overseas investors of global reputation through our bidding expertise and know-how in Sri Lanka.

Feel free to get in touch with the biz-friendly OSL Team now to learn more.

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