GoSL’s state fertilizer companies to import 18,000MT of fertilizer

GoSL’s state fertilizer companies to import 18,000MT of fertilizer

Minister of Agriculture, Duminda Disanayake’s proposal for the state-owned Lanka Fertilizer Colombo Commercial Fertilizer Company Ltd, to distribute 18,000MTof urea and 3,000MT of triple super phosphate imported by his ministry was approved by the Sri Lankan cabinet recently.
Quantum Fertilizers Ltd and Hiyork Holdings Ltd are the two suppliers who will be providing the fertilizer to the Ministry of Agriculture.
With the country’s main agricultural cultivation season, referred to as the Maha season commencing this October, the GoSL hopes to make up for the losses caused by the drought which has resulted in low levels of water in the country’s reservoirs in addition to two failed rice crops.
In September, 2017 Sri Lanka’s Agricultural Department notified farmers to concentrate on cultivating“short maturing crops.” Despite the expectation of rain,the low water levels in the reservoirs persist, with heavy rainfall in the Western and South-Western “wet zones” causing flood damage.


Sri Lanka’s fertilizer requirement will provide opportunities for interested entrepreneurs to invest in alternate sources of fertilizers, i.e. organic fertilizers. Such a product will satisfy the GoSL’s programme strongly supported by the President of ensuring pesticide and toxin free produce from being harvested.

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