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Invest in Sri Lanka
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  • country overview Known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean", Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island situated in the Indian ocean. Its' natural beauty, rich heritage, fascinating culture, remarkable bio-diversity, beautiful wilderness, idyllic beaches, and ancient sites have attracted visitors from around the world for centuries.

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  • middle income country Recently being promoted to the "middle income country" category, Sri Lanka is currently enjoying a period of economic boom across all sectors. Encouraged by this rapid economic growth and the attractive investment opportunities available, the international community including investors, companies, developers, and expat Sri Lankans, are increasingly pursuing investment projects of all sizes.

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  • handshake We are known for counseling investors, developers, companies, and entrepreneurs to map the ‘way forward’ in order to exploit opportunities, manage investment process and execution, manage risks, and harness the benefits of pragmatic and astute investment decisions. We have the unparalleled capability to manage a full range of services for our clients.

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  • investor support Sri Lankan government has setup "Board of Investment" (BOI), who's charter is to act as the official investment promotion and facilitation organization. The BOI is structured to function as a central facilitation point for investors.

    Companies or projects that are setup as BOI projects enjoy a wide range of attractive benefits including tax holidays, import/export concessions, foreign investment protection support, etc. Our team of experts can help getting your project setup as a BOI project and advice you on various BOI requirements, standards, and guidelines.

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  • Framework The Sri Lankan legal system is influenced largely by the English common law, the Roman-Dutch law, and the ancient local system of laws of Sri Lanka. The commercial law of Sri Lanka is primarily based on the principles of English Commercial Law. The court structure consists of a Supreme Court, a Court of Appeal, High Courts, Municipal Courts, and Primary Courts. Additionally, there are numerous tribunals, etc.

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  • Sectors Along with the widespread economic boom in Sri Lanka, many attractive investment opportunities are opening up in several key sectors that include: Tourism, Infrastructure, IT/BPO, Utilities, Apparels, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Education.

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  • Opportunities We are currently sourcing investors for many attractive investment opportunities in the government and the private sector in Sri Lanka. Browse through dozens of available projects to find an opportunity that fit your investment criteria.

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  • Setting Up a Company Sri Lanka has a well established process and procedures for setting up a business. According to the "International Finance Corporation" ease of doing business study, Sri Lanka is ranked at number 54 in the world out of 189 countries, which puts Sri Lanka in the top 30% of the countries and by far the best country in the South Asian region to setup a business. Our friendly staff at Chelina Capital Corporation are ready to work hand in hand with you every step of the way to get you setup in Sri Lanka.

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Hunting for investor to revive Srilankan


US based BlackRock shows interest in Srilankan airlines: Minister.So far there are 8 EOIs confirmed for the national carrier with two more being finalized. SriLankan was given 100 million dollar bailouts from the Treasury during the previous administration to keep afloat.In 2015 the airline had losses of about 16 billion rupees, down from about 30 billion in 2014.

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Tourism promoted as the lifeblood forex industry


Govt. targets 4 m tourists and $ 10 b earnings by 2020.In parallel with the World Tourism Day celebrations, the International Research Symposium was held under the theme of ‘Integration and Networking Sri Lanka Tourism Development for All’ at the BMICH in Colombo.Strategic collaboration of public, private and people partnership in tourism development is not only important, it is a necessity.

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It’s all about transparency and the right to know


President stresses citizens’ right to information in preventing fraud and corruption.“True media freedom cannot be enjoyed if media institutions only obey the wishes of their owner,” he said.The keynote address at this 2 day conference was delivered by Former Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court and Chairman of the Law Commission Judge Ajith Shah.There were instances where NGOs have acted against the Government and the expectations of the public.

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The strong digital vibes of Sri Lanka

The strong digital vibes of Sri Lanka

Computer literacy up to 27% in Sri Lanka; 1 out of 4 households has a computer.Computer literacy among the employed population in Sri Lanka is 52.0% in the year 2015.Computer literacy among unemployed youth is very high.According to survey results, the computer literacy rate of unemployed youths in age groups 20–24 years and 25–29 years are 80.7% and 78.9%respectively.The survey results further reveal that the computer literacy is very high (69.5%) among those who are literate in English language.

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Borrowing locally to save the day


No foreign borrowings this year – Central Bank Governor, Dr.Indrajit Coomaraswamy.The new VAT format will be ready by end of next month.Sri Lanka will be able to maintain a growth rate of 5% and this will further increase by next year.
To achieve this target Sri Lanka’s exports and Foreign Direct Investments have to improve.With the regaining of GSP Plus and signing of ICTA Sri Lankan manufactures would also have access to over 3 million people which in turn would certainly help the export sector.

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Consultation Platform

Consultation Platform

Visit our consultation platform to get sufficient and credible advise related to any sector.

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The potential to do business here is identifiable because the investment framework is clear.

- General Electric (GE) India Vice President Business Development, Growth and Strategy for Asia Vishal Wanchoo

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