Invest in Sri Lanka
Invest in Sri Lanka
  • Invest with Confidence in the Wonder of Asia

  • Invest with Confidence in the Wonder of Asia

  • Invest with Confidence in the Wonder of Asia

Welcome to Opportunity Sri Lanka! Your expert guide to invest in Sri Lanka.

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  • Known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean", Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island situated in the Indian ocean. Its' natural beauty, rich heritage, fascinating culture, remarkable bio-diversity, beautiful wilderness, idyllic beaches, and ancient sites have attracted visitors from around the world for centuries.

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  • Recently being promoted to the "middle income country" category, Sri Lanka is currently enjoying a period of economic boom across all sectors. Encouraged by this rapid economic growth and the attractive investment opportunities available, the international community including investors, companies, developers, and expat Sri Lankans, are increasingly pursuing investment projects of all sizes.

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  • We are known for counseling investors, developers, companies, and entrepreneurs to map the ‘way forward’ in order to exploit opportunities, manage investment process and execution, manage risks, and harness the benefits of pragmatic and astute investment decisions. We have the unparalleled capability to manage a full range of services for our clients.

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  • Sri Lankan government has setup "Board of Investment" (BOI), who's charter is to act as the official investment promotion and facilitation organization. The BOI is structured to function as a central facilitation point for investors.

    Companies or projects that are setup as BOI projects enjoy a wide range of attractive benefits including tax holidays, import/export concessions, foreign investment protection support, etc. Our team of experts can help getting your project setup as a BOI project and advice you on various BOI requirements, standards, and guidelines.

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  • The Sri Lankan legal system is influenced largely by the English common law, the Roman-Dutch law, and the ancient local system of laws of Sri Lanka. The commercial law of Sri Lanka is primarily based on the principles of English Commercial Law. The court structure consists of a Supreme Court, a Court of Appeal, High Courts, Municipal Courts, and Primary Courts. Additionally, there are numerous tribunals, etc.

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  • Along with the widespread economic boom in Sri Lanka, many attractive investment opportunities are opening up in several key sectors that include: Tourism, Infrastructure, IT/BPO, Utilities, Apparels, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Education.

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  • We are currently sourcing investors for many attractive investment opportunities in the government and the private sector in Sri Lanka. Browse through dozens of available projects to find an opportunity that fit your investment criteria.

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  • Sri Lanka has a well established process and procedures for setting up a business. According to the "International Finance Corporation" ease of doing business study, Sri Lanka is ranked at number 54 in the world out of 189 countries, which puts Sri Lanka in the top 30% of the countries and by far the best country in the South Asian region to setup a business. Our friendly staff at Chelina Capital Corporation are ready to work hand in hand with you every step of the way to get you setup in Sri Lanka.

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Breaking News

Sri Lanka Launched Emerald Sri Lanka Private Equity fund

Sri Lanka lunched Emerald Lanka fund, a private equity fund, targeting s US$ 50 Mn fund to finance SMEs.The fund will be run NDB Zephyr Partners, a joint venture between by New York based Zephyr Management and Colombo base NDB Bank group.

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Breaking News

Belarus Removes tax for Sri Lanka Exporters

  • Belarus GDP has been reported as $71.71 billion in year 2013 and has been listed as an Upper Middle Income country.
  • Having a population of 9.466 million, Belarus is considered as a country which has been able to build a strong and successful relationship with Sri Lanka.
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New Opportunity

Invest in Ceylon Gems

taarah gemsA magnificent and rare collection of Ceylon gems is available with one of our subsidiaries, Taarah Gems Pvt. Ltd. for purchase.

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Capital Market Conference 2014

Sri Lanka Tourism-A step forward in growth story...A step forward in the growth story

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Sri Lanka 2020

Sri Lanka 2020-Towards surpassing the $7000 Per CapitaTowards surpassing the $7000 Per Capita…

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Media Center

Sri Lanka achieves a 7-7pct positive growth rate in 3Q Sri Lanka achieves a 7.7pct positive growth rate in 3Q - Sri Lanka has achieved Rs.911,064 million of total economic output as measured by Gross Domestic Product of the country at constant prices (2002) for the third quarter of 2014 over Rs.846,102 million reported in third quarter of 2013 achieving a 7.7 percent of positive growth rate. The three mainstays of the economy, Agriculture, Industries and […]
Sri Lankas ITBPM sector vision 2022 a $5 Billion revenue Sri Lanka’s IT/BPM sector vision 2022 a $5 Billion revenue - Sri Lanka’s IT/BPM sector vision 2022 is a $ 5 Billion revenue, 200,000 direct jobs and 1000 start-ups. Northern region has been identified as one of the major regions that can harness its strengths and skills to make this dream a reality, Sri Lanka Exports Development Board (SLEDB) revealed. Jaffna region’s stress free environment, availability […]
Eco-friendly Tourist Resort Project in Delft Island Eco-friendly Tourist Resort Project in Delft Island - The Ministry of Investment Promotion has taken steps to speed up the setting up of an Eco- friendly Tourist Resort Project in the Delft. Island at a cost of one billion rupees and the project is to be completed within 18 months. The primary objective is to develop tourism infrastructure including accommodation facilities and other […]
The 16th Congress of Int'l Colored Gemstone Association in May 2015 The 16th Congress of Int’l Colored Gemstone Association in May 2015 - The 16th Congress of the International Colored Gemstone Association is scheduled to be held in May 16th to 19th, 2015 at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel. Over 400 global members of the International Colored Gemstone Association including the President of the Association Benjamin Hackman are scheduled to be participate in this event. Fringe events of the […]
Malaysia and SL collaboration on an integrated Transportation Hub in Colombo Malaysia and SL collaboration on an integrated Transportation Hub in Colombo - An agreement for a joint collaboration between Malaysia and Sri Lanka on an integrated Transportation Hub in Colombo has been inked. An exchange of documents formalizing this joint collaboration arrangement was signed by Transport Ministry Secretary Dhammika Perera and Roslan Shariff, the Managing Director of Maju TMAS, a member of the Maju Group of Companies. […]
Sri Lanka invites Pakistan to invest in Housing and Infrastructure Sri Lanka invites Pakistan to invest in Housing and Infrastructure - High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to Pakistan, Air Chief Marshal Jayalath Weerakkody has invited Pakistan to invest in housing and infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka. Weerakkody has proposed Pakistan to increase investments in Sri Lanka when he called on Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Finance, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar in Islamabad on Thursday. The Finance Minister […]

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The potential to do business here is identifiable because the investment framework is clear.

- General Electric (GE) India Vice President Business Development, Growth and Strategy for Asia Vishal Wanchoo

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